City of Canada Bay

Smartsensor Waste

Date Completed

October 2019




City of Canada Bay




The City of Canada Bay has partnered with Smartsensor Technologies to install 99 public bin sensors throughout Rhodes, Concord and Cabarita Park that alert Council when bins are ready to be collected.

“We’re committed to being at the cutting edge when it comes to smart city technologies like our bin-sensor pilot program,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

“With our population only continuing to grow, the program will enable us to respond to increased demand and use our resources wisely, deploying bins and collection staff when and where they are needed most.”

Bin fullness levels, temperatures, and peak usage times are also measured in real time and available for Council to view on an online dashboard as part of the pilot program.

In the largest Australian project of its kind, real-time data from the bin-sensors will be delivered via the City of Canada Bay’s new LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network).

The wireless network enables information to be shared across long distances with minimal energy use and is free for community use as part of the City of Canada Bay’s Smart City Plan.

“We’ve been working with the City of Canada Bay to implement smart city technologies since 2015, starting with our Bigbelly Solar Compactors and now our world first LoRaWAN ultrasonic and laser sensors,” said Leon Hayes, Managing Director of Smartsensor Technologies.

“We look forward to our continued partnership with the City of Canada Bay and for assisting them in maintaining an optimised, smart waste management system for many years to come.”

The pilot program will be evaluated in 2020 with a view to installing further bin sensors throughout the City.

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